Do you have a story that packs an emotional punch? Engaging writing that leaves us feeling uplifted and deeply human?

The 2024 Heart Messages Anthology will be a curated literary collection of heart-warming, heartfelt, moving and hopeful stories from selected authors around Australia and the globe.

We welcome carefully considered memoir, fiction or nonfiction pieces of between 1,500 words to 5,000 words in length that meet the theme of Heart Messages.


All profits from the anthology will raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Entry is free and open only to writers aged over 18 years. The anthology will be published in paperback and available early 2024 online, via ebook and in selected bookshops.

Submission Guidelines

How to submit your story:

  1. Send your submission in an email to
  2. Type in the email header: ‘Heart Messages Anthology’ plus your surname.
  3. In the body of the email, list the name of your story plus your full name, address, postcode, email address and daytime phone number.
  4. Please attach your story as a Word file, plus a 100-word author bio.
  5. Please read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly, and be sure to follow all guidelines.

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We are an independent small press based outside of Newcastle in Australia with three imprints (Southern Key Press, Expansion Press and Daring Press) covering non-fiction, heart-led anthologies sharing both fiction and non-fiction stories as well as entertaining, escapist commercial fiction.

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